Minion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Minion:

But here was a minion of Cynthia riding the country like Paul Revere.

T will do no harm, and may—ay, this minion will sweep the Rock like a new broom.

Enthroned on the dais, a minion at his feet, he was momentarily monarchial.

I will have a garment reach to my taile; Then am I a minion, for I weare the new guise.

Am I not something more to thee, than the partner of joyous hours—the minion of love?

Beshrew me if I drink the king's health, or that of his minion, Anne Boleyn!

Answer me frankly, minion—answer me, as you value your life!

When our minion regained consciousness we reviled her and cast her out.

The minion of a Czar and the representative of a nation cannot be united in one and the same person.

I was but planning with this minion here some way to freshen your spirits.