Minions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Minions:

O Khalid, have you forgotten that these “coppers” are the minions of Tammany?

The minions, appointed to uphold the law, were easily accounted for.

They'll fight to the death, and every one of them is good for' at least three of the usurper Lincoln's minions.

The ray of gold was a ray of oblivion if the minions of Moyen willed.

At this juncture, Potiphar and his minions break upon the scene.

Men who smash windows do not remain to parley with the law's minions.

Diana's foresters, gentlemen of the shade, minions of the moon.

For nine months Richard hounded his minions on, but they dared not bite.

Mrs. Cloyse was second of the family to be accused by Parris and his minions.

"Especially when the minions of the law are after them," grinned Patton.