Ministering [verb]

Definition of Ministering:

help, serve

Synonyms of Ministering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ministering:

Sentence/Example of Ministering:

Now, if a man is perfect to begin with, what is a dear, ministering angel of a woman to do with him?

Least of all ought a work like ministering to the poor hinder the spiritual life.

Perhaps it is that the very spirit of her ministering is to despair of nothing.

Bettina, since she could not minister to Justin, spent the days in ministering to others.

There she served her like a ministering angel; brushed her hair—oh, so gently!

Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister?

A ministering angel could not have been more hallowed in his eyes.

We did all the good we were able, visiting the sick, ministering to the sick, and praying with the sick.

He was a ministering angel to them, friend, physician, and sometimes nurse.

She also assists the clergyman, if desired, in ministering to spiritual needs.