Ministers [noun]

Definition of Ministers:

person in charge of church

Synonyms of Ministers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ministers:


Sentence/Example of Ministers:

There are twenty men who will be eager to comply with the wishes of their minister.

The minister had a serious countenance, and was very placid.

According to my promise, I saw the minister on the following day.

By whom, let us ask, had this Minister been brought into power?

"Not till I heard the minister's kind voice," was the reply.

"You have wandered long in the wilderness," continued the minister.

In my case, the minister himself proposed to apply for my testimonials.

He did me the honor to repeat it aloud; but the Minister's answer was not heard.

There is no minister here 'trammelled by long years of narrowing education.'

The minister was weakening most lamentably, giving her husband a loophole to escape.