Minuscule [adjective]

Definition of Minuscule:

very small

Synonyms of Minuscule:

Opposite/Antonyms of Minuscule:

Sentence/Example of Minuscule:

Figure 61 illustrates a type form of minuscule which may be commended for study.

That's not a gigantic number, but it's not a minuscule one, either.

The text is a fine and elegant Roman minuscule interspersed with italic.

Alan said quietly, sliding back to sit on the minuscule counter surface in his kitchenette.

Then he made out one minuscule thread of metal that ran from the city, in his general direction but veering to the right.

This style is very important, as it marks the beginning of the change from majuscule to minuscule writing.

None the less it must be said for them that they take fairly good care of their minuscule quadrupeds.

But some confusions of letters occur frequently in copies of uncial originals, and others in copies of minuscule originals.

It seemed highly unconvincing, later, because some long-delayed perception produced a reaction in the dinies' minuscule brains.