Minutes [noun]

Definition of Minutes:

notes of meeting

Synonyms of Minutes:

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Sentence/Example of Minutes:

Stephen was not called till some minutes later, and had not seen him since.

By meridian altitudes of sun, Lyrae (Vega), 32 degrees 15 minutes.

Latitude 25 degrees 52 minutes from mean of two observations.

By meridian altitude of sun, camp is in latitude 31 degrees 53 minutes South.

By observation, the camp was in latitude 31 degrees 42 minutes South.

Latitude of camp 26 degrees 42 minutes 43 seconds by Regulus.

Barlee Spring is in longitude about 127 degrees 22 minutes East.

Camped on a gully with some old feed in the flat, in latitude 27 degrees 49 minutes.

He sat for some minutes in silence, and closed his eyes as if absorbed in thought.

Now the minutes dragged with leaden feet until Dick should come.