Minutia [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Minutia:

This minutia of detail is applied to the distribution of a vast bulk of mail.

If so, it is useless to try, or hope to know what life is in its minutia.

All detailed thoughts, all the minutia of the mind were swept away.

His desk is clear of all litter and minutia—likewise his mind.

All this was testified to, with every minutia of detail, before the Investigating Committee.

He conformed to their taste; he flattered their foibles, and obsequiously bowed to the minutia of female volatility.

Dr. Boxton took the stand and testified, with a minutia of detail, how the bribe had been paid to him.

Space forbids entering into the minutia either of construction or machinery used.

Ellen will have detailed to you all the minutia of our excursion; a recapitulation from me would therefore be tedious.

The brain with all organs, nerves, vessels, and every minutia in form with all materials found or used in life.