Minx [noun]

Definition of Minx:


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Sentence/Example of Minx:

Every morning you make the thirteen signs of hell over that minx of yours!

"Oh, Mistress Polly, you are a minx," said that reverend gentleman.

Ill look after the minx, and tell her some useful truth now and then, too.

It was then Handassah put in a word; the minx was ever ready at that.

That minx Joan has twisted me round her finger, and you have suffered for it.

I believe the very sight of you would make him forget about that minx.

Since the minx had tasted power at Carvel Hall, there was no accounting for her.

She has had the impertinence to get herself up in full evening dress, the minx!

New flight; the male rests in the sun, then rejoins the minx.

But Arabella is a minx when her blood is up; and Janet knows how to make me afraid.