Mirage [noun]

Definition of Mirage:

imaginary vision

Synonyms of Mirage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mirage:

Sentence/Example of Mirage:

All these things shimmered and flickered and wavered in the mirage of noon.

You are no delusion—no mirage, but Rima, like no other being on earth.

I've often seen the mirage, generally about dark, far out on the western plains.

They stretch forth their hands to gather the mirage into their bosom.

"A dream," he thought, "a mirage of the mind;" and he compelled himself to go up.

Hopefully, he suggested, "A mirage or sort of a mutual hallucination?"

Decoyed by a mirage, he had gone too far—so far that there was no going back.

Her form was only a mirage of desire decoying one step by step into despair.

The mirage in Mesopotamia does not so much hide as distort the truth.

The thought of it now was like a green oasis in the desert; but it was a mirage, only a mirage!