Mired [verb]

Definition of Mired:

delay, catch up in

Synonyms of Mired:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mired:

Sentence/Example of Mired:

But our machine is so heavy that if we turn into the ditch I'm afraid we'll be mired.

Many a boy and girl have got mired in this swamp fiction that you enjoy so much.

What will you do if you get mired twenty miles from a human being?

If a sheep or ox get mired in a ditch, we leave our other business, and fly to the rescue.

Christian was mired there, and Pliable nearly lost his life.

After this I could let Toby have the reins, and go anywhere—he never got mired again.

A half-dozen scouts were left on the by-road to watch the mired Texans.

"If you're not mired before you get to the field," said Zan, warningly.

Chances are a fellow of his heft would get stuck in the mud and mired.

Slowly three times, one after another, from a full crupper he mired.