Mirrored [verb]

Definition of Mirrored:

copy, reflect

Synonyms of Mirrored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mirrored:


Sentence/Example of Mirrored:

The lighter grey of the horizon is mirrored in the clearer blue of the sea.

What is your inner being worth, unless it be mirrored in action?

Perhaps they saw the joys of the coming summer, mirrored in their brown depths.

She looked at the dark sea that mirrored the night outside the window.

Mirrored there he saw a different man from the one who had rented the room.

The varied excitements of the time are mirrored in her sprightly letters.

None of these is like Thine image caught and mirrored in our thought!

The respective feelings of the two forces are mirrored in two facts.

It was a superb night, and the moon and its golden beams were mirrored in the lake.

The noble fearlessness of the man was mirrored in his countenance.