Miry [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Miry:

It had taken to the grass, and was heading straight for the miry slough.

Before they can reach the wicket-gate, they fall into a 'miry slough.'

No iron mixed with miry clay, Will ever do, the people say,Hurrah!

Miry was about the handsomest gal that went into the singers' seat a Sunday.

No: he said Miry was his daughter, and 'twas her bisness to take care on him.

Deck was studying up some way to extricate the wagons from their miry plight.

It was over this miry marsh that they proposed to build a wharf.

Sin is a foul, slimy, miry thing, defiling whoever it touches.

Was this love made for the many and miry roads through which man must travel?

It is true of its kind, though the dredging of nature is the miry form of art.