Misadventure [noun]

Definition of Misadventure:

bad luck, mishap

Synonyms of Misadventure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misadventure:

Sentence/Example of Misadventure:

It was more than a year since his misadventure in the mountains.

What could be the objection, even were the escapade to be discovered by misadventure?

The misadventure is rare of which we are not warned in advance.

If she did not come they might be fearing that some misadventure had happened on the journey.

Blindly persistent, Ivan refused to be discouraged by his misadventure.

The only misadventure they had to fear was the loss of the galleon.

Never shall I forget the howl of Spanish curses which greeted this misadventure.

Instructed by the first misadventure, I once more entered the stream.

He looked a little pale, but otherwise was not much worse for his misadventure.

Our bravest lessons are not learned through success, but misadventure.