Misanthropic [adjective]

Definition of Misanthropic:

unsociable, cynical

Synonyms of Misanthropic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misanthropic:

Sentence/Example of Misanthropic:

Now, mind, I do not say this in any spirit of misanthropic invective.

Do we not see here one reason why men become cynical and misanthropic?

He lived his later years in Mayence, lonely and misanthropic.

Gustav is in some sort too misanthropic; he must exaggerate rather easily.

I hate to have my poor boy cross and disagreeable, and misanthropic.

Now he was cut by the county, and relapsed into misanthropic debauchery.

Byron began the folly with his misanthropic “Childe Harold.”

Had it at Martell's with my dolorous, misanthropic relative.

M. Topinard, however, has grown gloomy and misanthropic; he says little.

In what sense has the philosophy of the past been misanthropic?