Misanthropy [noun]

Definition of Misanthropy:


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Sentence/Example of Misanthropy:

At this period of my life, ennui was very near turning into misanthropy.

Even his misanthropy is only an inverted form of social solicitude.

Her books are a sovereign remedy for depression and misanthropy.

May my ears be cropped if the Imperator's melancholy and misanthropy are so intense!

It will be said, for instance, that there are different kinds of misanthropy.

It is vain to profess to one's own heart a complaisant dandyism of misanthropy.

It is sufficient that they were years of misanthropy and misery, almost of infidelity.

If such a mental attitude be indulged, misanthropy is the result.

I should cease to suffer from the misanthropy which has invaded me lately.

It is a pity I cannot, for I lose a good deal by my misanthropy.