Misapprehension [noun]

Definition of Misapprehension:


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Sentence/Example of Misapprehension:

It is the result of apprehension and misapprehension, and bred of race-fear.

It is my business to correct this misapprehension by telling you what the secret service is not.

Beyond this morbidness of misapprehension, there was no other morbidness in Hetty's state.

Vulgarity, ignorance, misapprehension are old acquaintances.

"I hope that will correct some of the misapprehension that appears to have been disturbing you," said he.

Ye see, the young gentleman's under a misapprehension entirely.

"There's a misapprehension, if I may make so bold as to point it out," put in Blood quietly.

He had invaded the convent under a misapprehension, for which it was ridiculous to blame him.

Let him ever remain under his misapprehension which was so much more flattering for him.

This misapprehension, for it is nothing else, was no doubt my fault.