Misbegotten [adjective]

Definition of Misbegotten:

illegitimate, illicit

Synonyms of Misbegotten:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misbegotten:

Sentence/Example of Misbegotten:

You'll never rear it; there's a fate on it, poor, misbegotten mite!

"What is this you want with me, you misbegotten villain," said the squire.

In brief, there is no puerility that is not at home in this sphere of misbegotten effort.

And a sorry figure they make out there in the sun, like misbegotten yew-trees!

I will deal with thee hereafter, misbegotten cur that thou art!

Get down there and put your own shoulders to the wheels, you misbegotten villain.

He is one of the best of my misbegotten, say what they will.

It was the old threadbare, tattered tale—spawn of the Goddess fortune; a thing of misbegotten hopes and desires.

Bugis, Sula man, sea gypsy—whichever's your misbegotten stripe—suppose you speak'um.

Sure enough, my friend lacked that small portion of his misbegotten frame.