Misbehaved [verb]

Definition of Misbehaved:

act in inappropriate manner

Opposite/Antonyms of Misbehaved:



Sentence/Example of Misbehaved:

Rudd was sure that Eric never would have misbehaved like that.

You must know, Mr. Armstrong, that you have misbehaved yourself most cruelly.'

"She has not misbehaved herself now," said the son, in an angry voice.

But she was aware that she had misbehaved herself in insulting him.

If they misbehaved he quickly detected it and sent them packing.

You may be sure that none of them whispered there or fell asleep or misbehaved.

What I care for most now is that you should not think that I have misbehaved myself.

The first gallery had not misbehaved, and was not disturbed.

The other pocket he filled with stones, which he threw at the pig whenever she misbehaved.

How far shall a person who has misbehaved be grieved by showing aversion to him?