Misbeliever [noun]

Definition of Misbeliever:

person who goes against normal behavior, beliefs

Synonyms of Misbeliever:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misbeliever:

Sentence/Example of Misbeliever:

The misbeliever is an alien to whom it is a sin even to say "God speed."

The cry against the misbeliever has long outlived the Crusades.

Yea, misbeliever as thou art, it is thine to vindicate thyself from blasphemy against the God thou shouldst adore.

Averroes himself was accused of having been first a Mussulman, then a Christian, then a Jew, and finally a misbeliever.

So far as a Christian man can be with one, who, though a very noble being, is yet a misbeliever.

Entreat them well, but see that they neither escape nor communicate with anyone in this army, Christian or misbeliever.

There is something terrible in the fierce exultation which fanaticism experienced in the agonies of the misbeliever.