Miscarry [verb]

Definition of Miscarry:

lose fetus

Synonyms of Miscarry:



Opposite/Antonyms of Miscarry:


Sentence/Example of Miscarry:

I am for that of Paris; it cannot miscarry; I have considered it well.

Without these the Revolution will miscarry and our Dastur will not be worth a date-stone.

The Cardinal's plans were, indeed, likely to miscarry if he persisted thus.

“No, they not miscarry yet,” replied the Arab, with a grim smile.

It grieves me mightily; for it will be a sad houre to the family should she miscarry.

And indeed, how should they miscarry, when they never come before their time?

If we miscarry on Wednesday, I believe it will be by some strange sort of neglect.

If He have the guiding of my flock and state, it shall not miscarry.

This is the motion: and certainly no enemy to the Senate could wish it to miscarry.

But question may be made: what though the Wares should miscarry?