Miscegenation [noun]

Definition of Miscegenation:

interracial marriage

Synonyms of Miscegenation:

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Sentence/Example of Miscegenation:

The next point was, to get the miscegenation controversy into Congress.

Once the political barriers are down, miscegenation will finish the job.

The only case where it is often invoked in the human race is in miscegenation.

Nature, though eager for cross-fertilisation, abhors 'miscegenation' with all the bitterness of an American politician.

The inflow of white blood was small, and much of what did come lost itself in the dismal swamp of miscegenation.

But he has never sunk the contempt, and the contempt saves him from any general practice of miscegenation.

Miscegenation, the result of the contact of European masters with slave women, gave rise to a new class called mulattoes.

The miscegenation common is that between white men and promiscuous black women.

When she was indicted last spring for miscegenation, she swore in court that she was not a white woman.

Among the Dravidians, especially, there are many castes which trace their origin to miscegenation.