Miscellanea [noun]

Definition of Miscellanea:

miscellaneous merchandise

Synonyms of Miscellanea:

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Sentence/Example of Miscellanea:

Even in his much-belauded ‘Miscellanea’ was every point tenable?

"Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica," 2nd Series, 1886, vol.

It is taken from a paper printed in Miscellanea Curiosa, vol.

Miscellanea, including all that is likely to interest the informed and intelligent.

His essays, entitled “Miscellanea,” were published in 1680 and 1692.

In the Miscellanea Scotica, printed in 1710, various notices of the ancient working of gold in Scotland occur.

Balbin's fairness has already been alluded to when referring to the biography of Milič, which is contained in his Miscellanea.

He has produced ten plays, and many volumes of criticisms, chronicles and miscellanea, beside two volumes on the great war.

European scholarship would have been defrauded of the impulse given to it by the "Miscellanea."

Other documents, particularly of the end of the fifteenth century in Baluzius, Miscellanea, ed.