Misconstruction [noun]

Definition of Misconstruction:

wrong idea, impression

Synonyms of Misconstruction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misconstruction:

Sentence/Example of Misconstruction:

How will every look, every action, even the most innocent, be liable to misconstruction!

How scornfully has she, by one act, replied to all our misconstruction of her!

"Wounded, madam," reiterated Daly, as if correcting a misconstruction.

I only mention this to prevent any possibility of future misconstruction.'

Happily, too, Stephen's misconstruction of the affair had been corrected.

The letter which was "open to some misconstruction" may be found in Arrows of the Chace.

Silence, my friend; you will expose yourself to misconstruction.

To Chutney Bildad's wolfish gaze admitted of no misconstruction.

He was long in learning the misconstruction which had been put upon his words.

Her objectiveness did not insure her, however, from misconstruction.