Misconstrued [verb]

Definition of Misconstrued:

get a wrong or false impression

Synonyms of Misconstrued:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misconstrued:

Sentence/Example of Misconstrued:

You misunderstood, misconstrued, and before I could correct you I'd lost my temper.

I have only one objection, and that is, that we may be misconstrued.

She gave me your letters with some broken words, which perhaps I may have misconstrued.

Elmer knew that his actions would no longer be misconstrued.

She had misconstrued it, deciding that he was disappointed in her.

Who would have thought my nephew could have so misconstrued my kindness?

Only promise that never again—— You see, things can be misconstrued.

But it was one of those cases where a refusal might be misconstrued, and so I went.

A wealthy man himself, Trennahan's motives could not be misconstrued.

Nothing hurts like being misunderstood and misconstrued in that way.