Misconstrues [verb]

Definition of Misconstrues:

get a wrong or false impression

Synonyms of Misconstrues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misconstrues:

Sentence/Example of Misconstrues:

As for being straightforward, don't they misconstrue our words continually?

And, lest he might misconstrue her remark, she avoided his eyes.

Did I misconstrue your thoughts when you looked at me in the Queen's boudoir?

Theirs was an anxiety I should have been blind to misconstrue.

Your jealous fancy causes you to misconstrue what you saw and heard.

I acted on the impulse of affection, and I am sure you will not misconstrue my motives.

If they misconstrued Mary's motive, let us beware lest we misconstrue theirs.

But we must not misconstrue words in our versions of a style so loose.

But the trappers were too wise to misconstrue the action of the Blackfeet.

He understood that attitude, but he smiled, pretending to misconstrue it.