Miscue [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Miscue:

He could see he'd made a miscue—a clean miss, and the white ball in the pocket.

The miscue he made was to flash his Fortune in the Family Circle.

It hurts her more than anything to make a miscue on the charitable side.

A miscue brought an oath from his lips, and he banged his cue upon the floor.

Miscue, mis-kū′, n. at billiards, a stroke spoiled by the slipping off of the cue.

It remained, though, not to muddle by any slip or miscue what Providence had vouchsafed.

You're no inventor, but you're always pretty handy in telling me where I make a miscue in my machines.

“C.,” who was painfully conscious that he might have made a miscue in the matter of the quotation, answered sharply.

Who originated this scheme of revising the Bible we do not know, but whoever it was made a miscue.