Misdeeds [noun]

Definition of Misdeeds:

sin, crime

Synonyms of Misdeeds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misdeeds:

Sentence/Example of Misdeeds:

"Sit still and hear the rest of your misdeeds," commanded Mabel.

Worst of all, almost, Mrs. Baker told the tale of my misdeeds to John.

We do not associate with them, and they are soon punished for their misdeeds.

The humiliation of it ate into his soul; and the tooth was sharpened by his own misdeeds.

You have become a bad god, a devil, as a divine punishment for your misdeeds.

What if his spirit has passed into a lower form as a punishment for misdeeds?

The faults and misdeeds of the Stewarts were forgotten in their misfortunes.

They had watched him, tracked his misdeeds, reported them to Hudig.

You had but to give him a name, and out came the catalogue of his misdeeds on the instant.

The Republic of Theos has ceased by reason of its own misdeeds to exist.