Misdemeanor [noun]

Definition of Misdemeanor:

criminal offense

Synonyms of Misdemeanor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misdemeanor:

Sentence/Example of Misdemeanor:

He certainly was not there for misdemeanor; for he was a "good boy," at least in his own estimation.

And Tresler could not help calling to mind the schoolboy detected in some misdemeanor.

Thus all the boys were exposed, and received just rebuke for their misdemeanor.

His office was strictly elective, and he could be deposed for misdemeanor.

Preciosa was upon trial for misdemeanor, and I for backbiting.

There is a misdemeanor clause that we are very keen on, the same as for the dramatists.

We do not see why it should not be a misdemeanor, to apply to us as well as to the dramatists—sections 23 and 25.

Does not section 13 provide that the man who makes the affidavit shall be guilty of a misdemeanor?

It does not seem proper under such circumstances to hold him to be a willful infringer and guilty of a misdemeanor.

Any departure from it, proven by itself alone, was declared a misdemeanor.