Miserable [adjective]

Definition of Miserable:

unhappy, depressed

Opposite/Antonyms of Miserable:

Sentence/Example of Miserable:

The country all the way, in fact, is most miserable and intolerable.

Spinifex for the first fourteen miles, and miserable country.

Before we reached the range we had most miserable spinifex sand-hills.

But, perhaps, he may not be quite so miserable as he is represented.

But where all things fade, how miserable to be the one that could not fade!

"But I'm not miserable, my dear Viviette," said poor Dick, vainly forcing a smile.

Of the poetry we could not judge, but the music was miserable.

She would then be ready to die, nothing less, to help the poor and miserable.

She spoke with a miserable effort toward her usual liveliness.

You miserable little beast—with cats everywhere, and not a nut for miles!