Misfit [noun]

Definition of Misfit:


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Sentence/Example of Misfit:

He had no fences and would employ any misfit or doubtful that came along.

But I ask you: if we get on a ship, you can keep it from shooting the Misfit ships?

One of the worst times had come during an attack by Misfit ships.

Their misfit coats were heavy with melted snow and turned up at the collars.

Social economy the thing is called; which makes the eighth misfit.

In her place she left a son, and the son was more of a misfit than the mother who bore him.

She's a misfit in that household—a dear, quaint little soul!

There's no such thing as a misfit at the school, not permanently.

But there's no telling what he'd have done with misfit Christmas gifts.

If they were a misfit, Fanny would have to suffer them as best she could.