Misfits [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Misfits:

And it occurred to him that the Misfits might have another kind of trained talent.

He was a product of heterogeneous aggregation and the survival of misfits.

"Here's one, then," said Carlton, who kept his misfits in the shed.

Words, only words which don't fit, the misfits which make fun of serious thoughts.

The ruck of misfits or ne'er-do-wells he could laugh joyously with or at.

England was repeatedly conquered and settled by brigands and misfits.

We have not, in this chapter, outlined all of the different classes of misfits.

As we have seen, a great many of them are misfits in these callings.

Ever since, each half has been running around looking for the other, and the misfits have been many at the marriage altar.

Library housecleanings to discard the literary rubbish and misfits are a real need.