Misfortunes [noun]

Definition of Misfortunes:

bad luck; disaster

Opposite/Antonyms of Misfortunes:

Sentence/Example of Misfortunes:

Festivals in honour of Zeus, because he delivered men from misfortunes and dangers.

Pericles has borne all his misfortunes with the dignity of an immortal.

I, to her misfortunes—she through the brutality of the king.

The principal pleasure of your life is to remind your family of their misfortunes.

All kinds of misfortunes, accidents, and storms had been its lot.

Some maxim-maker says, that past misfortunes are good for nothing but to be forgotten.

You too are young and uninured even to the misfortunes of the shepherd.

Though we are prisoners, yet even the misfortunes of a prison have their compensations.

I have not been educated to encounter persecution, and misfortunes, and horrors.

Decidedly, his misfortunes are developing a warlike spirit within him.