Misgivings [noun]

Definition of Misgivings:


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Sentence/Example of Misgivings:

Our misgivings were set at rest by the first glance at his companion.

Nicholas said 'they', but his misgivings were confined to one person.

I went with some misgivings, but the ordeal proved uneventful.

Throughout the following winter you will be attacked by misgivings.

Rat me, if I had not misgivings that it might prove to be so.

"Nonsense," the giant said gruffly, to hide his own misgivings.

He had kept looking at the stranger, and as he did so, his misgivings disappeared.

Dobbs has misgivings as to the work that will be required of him.

She was sweeping him faster than he wanted to go; but, for all his misgivings, he could not stop.

Duvall stuck his head into the vehicle with some misgivings.