Misguided [adjective]

Definition of Misguided:

ill-advised, deluded

Synonyms of Misguided:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misguided:

Sentence/Example of Misguided:

"I have not yet learned what right you have to inquire," replied the misguided maiden.

"Went to bed so bally sober I couldn't sleep," replied the misguided youth.

And indeed it seemed as if they must have been misguided in some providential manner.

Misguided by the fever of passion, I forgot my sacred obligations to Leonor.

Yet associated with a certain degree of judgment.ministering to its misguided will.

Oh, if he might have been there when that poor, silly, misguided woman arrived!

The old fierce defiance of misguided youth was in his veins.

No misguided son, impatient for your end, will hunt you from your home.

And these are the men for whom some misguided people feel pity.

Misguided, imprudent and fanatical they might be, but their aim at least was noble.