Misguiding [verb]

Definition of Misguiding:

tell an untruth

Opposite/Antonyms of Misguiding:

Sentence/Example of Misguiding:

If I be too long away, he will move without my words to misguide him.

The efforts of the wicked leaders to misguide the masses are persistent.

I do believe that my uncle would have made a far less egregious smash if there had been no Napoleonic legend to misguide him.

Now, what possible end can be served by books like these, except to misguide and misinform?

Your value there has never been unduly estimated by those whom personal feelings did not misguide.

The pride of reason seeks to misguide men, and lead them away from God and the secrets of Nature.

A tendency to undermine the best interests of the art is, however, insidiously at work to misguide the public taste.