Mishaps [noun]

Definition of Mishaps:

bad luck; disaster

Opposite/Antonyms of Mishaps:

Sentence/Example of Mishaps:

All night he ran, blundering in the darkness into mishaps and obstacles that delayed but did not daunt.

His other schemes and mishaps she had followed readily enough.

The mishaps were not as great as might have been anticipated.

You've been the cause of a whole series of mishaps and misfortunes; and, by Jove!

This is not the way in which modern generals write of their mishaps, but it is the Greek way.

I could go several thousand yards without stopping and with no mishaps.

Many were the mishaps and disasters that his music warded off.

The eggs, allowing for all mishaps, will produce two hundred and fifty chickens.

All of these mishaps were serious vexations to the early settlers.

He was not a man of great courage, and his mishaps appeared to have broken his spirit.