Misinformation [noun]

Definition of Misinformation:

false information

Synonyms of Misinformation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misinformation:



Sentence/Example of Misinformation:

He could start by getting rid of some of his misinformation.

Middlemen thrive of disinformation, misinformation and lack of information.

Usually this opinion is wholly the result of misinformation and lack of experience.

Deception, disinformation, and misinformation would be applied massively.

Even their attendants are supplied with this particular bit of misinformation.

The movies are marvelous agents for the spread of information and misinformation.

The least misinformation or misconception leads to some wrong conclusion and an error believed becomes the progenitor of others.

These statements are fairly good examples of the misinformation and erratic statements the “Emperor” gave the committee.

I shouldn't like to give a scientist like yourself any misinformation that might become a matter of record.

Ignorance and misinformation must always, more or less, mislead the most upright council.