Misinformed [verb]

Definition of Misinformed:

give wrong information intentionally

Synonyms of Misinformed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misinformed:

Sentence/Example of Misinformed:

You have been misinformed as to my final dismissal from the Excise; I am still in the service.

In only one respect was she misinformed as to the arrangements for the morning.

I believe now that you are misinformed as to the facts, but that is immaterial.

"Your ladyship has been misinformed," I said with extreme deference.

Most of these people had been misinformed as to the best place to start from.

It is more rational to conclude that Godwin was misinformed, than to believe this.

Philip saw, with satisfaction, that Pierre had not been misinformed.

I had been, therefore, misinformed by the seaman, who told me that captain Spikerman was the next person to the governor.

Moreover than which, as grammarians say, Sark has evidently been misinformed.

Might it not be possible she had been misinformed, and that she was mistaken in her hasty conclusions?