Misleading [adjective]

Definition of Misleading:

deceptive, confusing

Synonyms of Misleading:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misleading:

Sentence/Example of Misleading:

But the empty silence of the desert was misleading, as the men in the crater knew.

This is a very crude and misleading way of describing ancient science.

Or again, the trail will become confused and misleading when crossed by that of foxes.

The first is that the readings taken with a hydrometer will then be misleading.

The present is bright with misleading glamour--beware of the vanities of the flesh!

Names, dates, and places have been misstated, but such inadvertences are not misleading.

An extremely old and often misleading metaphor will help us.

Suppose he even thought he was saving his country by misleading the foreigner.

The brass plate, let into the woodwork of the door, is misleading.

He has learned that external appearances are often misleading.