Mismanage [verb]

Definition of Mismanage:


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Sentence/Example of Mismanage:

I can't conceive how he contrived to mismanage his affairs.'

And yet how sadly we mismanage men, and misuse opportunities.

They are so simple in construction, that servants cannot mismanage them.

Would Durgan fail at the pinch and mismanage it so as to give the alarm?

Take it, and you provide Jamie and yourself with a home, he has his freedom, and you can manage or mismanage him as you list.

If the Assistant Commissioner wanted to mismanage this affair nothing, of course, could prevent him.

And I am not going to stand by silently while you mismanage these sacred funds the way you have chosen to do in recent months.

You never would have had any property to mismanage if it hadn't been for her; and see the way you show your gratitude for it.

His chief defect was his forgetfulness and absence of mind, which made him mismanage important business.

I can't afford to send some bungler who'd mismanage and let the sand-hills devour a half a dozen of my best legions.