Mismanaged [verb]

Definition of Mismanaged:

mess up

Synonyms of Mismanaged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mismanaged:

Sentence/Example of Mismanaged:

His Excellency was told that the Martins had mismanaged everything.

It was their government; how they mismanaged it was their own business.

Also, when things are mismanaged; "we have made a mull of it."

The people thought that they were mismanaged, and that the money was squandered.

There never was anything so mismanaged as the whole affair of Oxford.

Ever, he said, since the Union of the Crowns Scotland had been mismanaged.

Probably, the guilt is much of a muchness, as in all mismanaged matters.

A doctor who had mismanaged a case was seized by the family and tied up.

She thinks I mismanaged the damned money and advised her badly.

But the expedition itself was mismanaged, or was unfortunate.