Misogynists [noun]

Definition of Misogynists:


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Sentence/Example of Misogynists:

Saunders was a bachelor of fifty and a misogynist by repute.

Without being a misogynist, he had no great opinion of women.

The ill-natured, crotchety, old—the fact is, he is a misogynist.

Aw, forget it, you old misanthropic specimen of a misogynist!

The misogynist is he who only hates woman, but Euripides loves her also.

And so far from being a misogynist, I care for as few men as women.

How often before and since the misogynist has asserted that women have no conscience.

No real man is a misogynist, for not to like women is not to be a man.

Her smile he thought would have ravished the heart of a misogynist.

"Dr. Kemp has developed into a misogynist," pouted Dorothy Gwynne.