Misogyny [noun]

Definition of Misogyny:

hatred of women

Synonyms of Misogyny:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misogyny:

Sentence/Example of Misogyny:

When he and I dwelt there together, the pavilion had been a temple of misogyny.

Compulsory asceticism has bred misogyny, and misogyny scruples.

Katherine Devlin is another creature of her maker's misogyny.

In his present humor of misogyny he wondered why it was thought to be necessary to put a woman in everything.

As they fell in love and out again with the facility of so many Romeos, they discoursed among themselves as to his misogyny.

Harris Rudnik had been encouraged to misogyny by cross eyes and a pockmarked complexion.

Harris started and blushed, but at length his misogyny asserted itself and he turned a beetling frown on Miss Duckman.

And he walked haughtily up the street, leaving Mr. Watson to ponder upon this case of misogyny, never until that moment suspected.

Then he laughed somewhat, and added, “I always get misogyny and heterophemy mixed.”