Misplace [verb]

Definition of Misplace:

lose; be unable to find

Synonyms of Misplace:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misplace:

Sentence/Example of Misplace:

I could not tell how to speak my words for fear I should misplace them.'

Should the tenant lose or misplace the key it is up to them to replace same.

She does not misplace her embellishments with the error of some human artists.

Belle, how many times must I ask you not to misplace my things?

I could not now tell how to speak my words, for fear I should misplace them.

I think I preached it very well; and never a thump did I forget or misplace.

The chamber-maid that 'cleared up' No. 25, dared not, at the price of her scalp, misplace a boot or a tooth-brush.

Others use all the points, but misplace them in a most ludicrous manner.

They read more slowly, more often misplace the emphasis, and miscall more words.

Ever' time he misplace somp'n, he feel in his pocket to see ef it ain't thaiuh.