Misquote [verb]

Definition of Misquote:

lie, distort

Opposite/Antonyms of Misquote:

Sentence/Example of Misquote:

Looking about this institution, one is moved to misquote Robert Browning.

The Socialist can quote Scripture for his purpose—and misquote it too.

How we do misquote sayings, or misunderstand them when quoted rightly!

I sighed as an author, but obeyed as a pupil,—to misquote the words of Gibbon.

He could not misquote or misapply the word, neither could he be indifferent about it.

I may misquote, as I quote from memory, but if the words are wrong, the ideas are right.

Look how we can, or sad or merrily, / Interpretation will misquote our looks.

He will be very liable to misquote his author's meaning while he is picking off his outside sentences.

“Ye have been fresh and fair, Ye have been filled with flowers”—I fear I misquote.

Jason didn't bother to correct the misquote, it was best they consider him a hundred per cent on their side.