Misreading [verb]

Definition of Misreading:


Opposite/Antonyms of Misreading:

Sentence/Example of Misreading:

Misreading is all that we are equal to, but it is something to be able to misread.

She glanced into Hugh's face, and misread what she saw there.

At once he perceived how she had misread the scene she had witnessed.

He asked because the skipper's face of wonderment was not to be misread.

A scribe must have misread the figure 81, which appears in other documents, into 87.

At least, that was what McGoggin said; but I suspect he had misread his primers.

Paul was afraid lest she might have misread the letter, and might be disappointed after all.

He did not speak, but his expression was too eloquent to be misread.

Thou knowest the real nature of my brother, and dost not misread him as many do.

That must be remembered, otherwise some of the great lessons of the Avatra will be misread.