Misrepresented [verb]

Definition of Misrepresented:

lie, distort

Synonyms of Misrepresented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misrepresented:

Sentence/Example of Misrepresented:

I do assure you, that your behaviour has not been misrepresented—nor need it.

Few men have been more misunderstood or misrepresented than Shelley.

Have I not misrepresented my gewgaws as the atheist misrepresents the truth?

It is more vexing to be misunderstood than to be misrepresented; and he misunderstands me.

This matter has been both misunderstood and misrepresented in England.

It is laughable how often I have been attacked and misrepresented about this bear.

Whatever may be boasted or misrepresented, it was not so, not so!

He was misunderstood, He was misrepresented, He was assailed and crucified.

Has one been wronged, or misrepresented, or in any way injured?

He explains how the Korinos misrepresented him and his people.