Misrepresenting [verb]

Definition of Misrepresenting:

lie, distort

Synonyms of Misrepresenting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misrepresenting:

Sentence/Example of Misrepresenting:

It would be misrepresenting Andrew to say that he shrank from the future.

What is this but some fatal malady, consisting in misrepresenting everything?

For so misrepresenting their country they ought to be cashiered.

He charged Senator Hale with misrepresenting him to this extent.

We shall not get far by ignoring them or misrepresenting them.

One peril he cannot escape—that of misrepresenting human nature.

I see no reason for misrepresenting in an affair of that sort.

You have to listen as closely as you can, if you do not wish to do me the injustice of misrepresenting me.

They began to disparage its authority, and to accuse it of misrepresenting the Hebrew.

But he never dreamed of misrepresenting me; he only happened not to understand my position.