Misrepresents [verb]

Definition of Misrepresents:

lie, distort

Synonyms of Misrepresents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misrepresents:

Sentence/Example of Misrepresents:

He misrepresents them; he deceives them; he assails them in every way within his reach.

It not only misrepresents, but it almost reverses the meaning of the writer.

That man will not be held guiltless who misinterprets and misrepresents it, for however pious a purpose he may do so.

It misrepresents what St. Paul meant and what his hearers understood him to mean.

He should redeem it from the enthusiasm which misconceives, and from the ignorance or malignity which misrepresents it.

They elect a representative half because he represents them and half because he misrepresents them.

The gentleman from Virginia misrepresents his own constituents—I am sure he does all the rest of the Union.

The Watchman assails prominent supporters of woman suffrage, and misquotes and misrepresents them.

And Sainte-Beuve employs his imagination only in describing; he never invents or misrepresents.

Far away on the prairies, she is now battling for the Liberty of all, against the President, who misrepresents all.