Misrule [noun]

Definition of Misrule:


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Sentence/Example of Misrule:

Anarchy and misrule must be displayed in their most glaring colors.

To abolish the superstition, the misrule, the vice, the misery of this world.

The heart may grow in vice, and the passions expand in misrule.

What followed is, happily, unique in the history of English misrule.

At first she was not noticed, so great was the noise and misrule.

About six weeks of his misrule were all the independent colonists could stand.

The end is near—the end of Spanish misrule in the West Indies.

They formed a portion of the army of deliverers from Turkish misrule.

Look at Normandy, freed from misrule and exaction, in peace and order.

During the twenty-four that she was under Mexican misrule she had thirteen.